Discovering Relationship


A small-group, weekend intensive

…celebrating our deep inter-connectedness with one another

For individuals, couples and groups, to focus on our relationship with friends, lovers, family and colleagues—as well as with ourselves.

Through a carefully orchestrated range of experiential processes,

people are gently guided to explore relationship in all its richness.


People emerging from the workshop often find themselves able to:

  1. Communicate more openly and more satisfyingly

  2. Discover balance among the areas of work, play, family, community and inspiration

  3. Find new enthusiasm and a sense of purpose in life

  4. Re-discover their deepest, truest Self, healing and growing from the inside out

In a comfortable living room setting, with six to eight participants, we delve into challenging and sensitive issues in a gentle, non-confrontational way. This helps us to examine the core ways of being that shape our lives - and to develop new possibilities for our joyful and creative Self to unfold.